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About LIBERTY Financial

Our confidence and expertise come from proven industry experience. Our CPAs are supported with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who collaborate with you to understand your business goals and to support you every step of the way.  

We use the latest cloud-based accounting tools to give you the opportunity to streamline and automate daily accounting tasks, allowing you to run a lean and efficient operation in today's competitive landscape.

Furthermore, our industry hardened virtual CFOs provide you with the advisory and management consulting services needed to give you the extra edge to take your business to the next level. 

About Us

See how LIBERTY Financial makes a difference

Corporations & Startups

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

We manage and automate your accounting entries and all bookkeeping tasks by:

  • Dedicating an accountant to your business

  • Perform and analyse daily accounting entries on your behalf

  • Ensuring compliance in all financial areas of your business


We support your business with all payroll related calculations, remittances and tax forms, including:

  • Employee(s) onborading with custom pay slip deposit portal 

  • Bi-weekly and monthly payroll preparation and filing

  • Remittances for WSIB, EHT and T4/T4A, ROE

  • HR Consulting

Document Management

We organize and track all your receipts, bills, statements and emails simply and efficiently, allowing you to:

  • View records on the go

  • Review statements and reports

  • Retrieve records to support CRA audits and inquires

  • Reduce work at tax time

Payments & Receivables

We streamline and automate your company's AP and AR by integrating in one place:

  • Invoicing, quotes, bill payments

  • Purchase Orders

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Multi-currency support

Corporate & Sales Tax

Our deep technical expertise and broad experience on wide range of tax matters will help your organization by:

  • Preparing and filing T2 Corporate tax and Sales tax (GST/HST/QST) returns

  • CRA dispute resolution

  • Partnership Tax

  • SR&ED


Our extensive startup experience has helped us develop a proven formula to support and grow your business from inception to maturity:

  • Registration and Incorporation

  • Funding and Financing Options

  • Full cycle accounting and set up

  • Financial system integration

  • Burn Rate and Runaway Calculation

Consulting & Advisory

Strategic Planning

Our CPA advisors come with extensive industry expertise to deliver solutions, tailored to your specific needs and goals helping your business grow and thrive:​

  • Outsourced CFO Services

  • Developing corporate policies and procedures

  • Review and optimization of business processes 

  • Revenue growth and cost cutting strategies

  • Contract Review 

  • Project bidding and proposal development

Financial Statements, Budgets & Forecasts

We take the data from your business to the next level to help you really understand how your business is really performing:

  • Prepare and analyse monthly financial statements

  • Executive Financial Summary 

  • Annual and Multi-year budgets

  • Monthly forecasts

  • Cash Flow projections


Personal Taxes

Personal Tax Return Filings (T1) for:

  • Sole proprietors and small businesses

  • Partnerships

  • Employees

  • Investors (real estate, stock ownership, personal property)


Our team can assist and guide you through the complex processes (financial and legal) involved with incorporating a business in Canada. We will perform a thorough financial assessment and give you the most objective advice, so you can make informed business decisions.


How LIBERTY Financial Cloud Accounting Works

1. Identify the support you need


Connect with us by calling, emailing or by making an appointment to meet us. Together we will identify the support you need and develop the platform that best meets your business needs.

2. Upload your records to the cloud


Upload your records to the cloud and let us sort out the details. We will keep your books and payroll up to date, while filing your taxes and preparing your statements regularly. 

3. Receive and review reports anywhere 


As we maintain the financial backbone of your company, you will receive and review financial reports, statements, tax filings and business performance metrics online.

4. We grow with your business


When your business grows, we are here to support. Our cloud-based accounting tools are designed to accommodate your needs without costly and time consuming system upgrades or changes.

Our Partners


Pricing Structures

Our purpose is to provide you with the best service at competitive prices.


Get in touch with us today to start our discussion around your needs and business structure. We will provide you with a monthly fixed price model that directly suits your needs and required level of support. You pay for only what you need to keep your overhead costs as low as possible. 

How it Works
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